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Episode 55 | Nifty Listies: A TV Show A Year - Part One

In which we continue our birthday tradition with a sequel to last year's "A Movie A Year" episode. This time around it's TV shows and we list our favorite debuting show from every year we have been alive (with lots of honorable mentions). Join in by making your own list, and stay tuned for Part Two coming next week!

Episode 53 | DuckTales

In which Dan and Alia con-DUCK-t a spec-QUACK-ular discussion of the BEAKs and valleys of the new DuckTales reboot! Hear us harp on about all things Duckberg, the absolute incomprehensible dialogue of Donald, all alongside a long diversion into what makes an effective reboot. Just try not to get DuckTales stuck in your head now...WhooOO!

Episode 50 | Game of Thrones

In which Alia and Dan discuss the epic return of Game of Thrones.  First, we reminisce of Thrones gone by, the book series by George RR Martin, and the ways in which the series has played with the structure and stories of the novels.  Then, after spoiling every inch of the first 5 books and 6 seasons, we spoil all of the season 7 premiere.  Hope you've seen it.  Or don't mind knowing how Tyrion dies.  JUST KIDDING.  Or are we?! (We are) [or maybe not].

Episode 43 | Twin Peaks Retrospective

In which Alia and Dan get straight hyped up for Showtime's revival of the GOAT, Twin Peaks.  We talk damn fine pie, the wild tone, the influence of the show, the mad dips in quality, GORDON COLE, the incredible and diverse cast, Fire Walk With Me (and watching it on the BIG SCREEN at the Loft Cinema in Tucson), what we expect from the revival, and way too much about owls.