Episode 54 | Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament 2017

In which the Nerd Build crew discusses the bracket for the upcoming Movie Trivia Schmoedown Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament! Who comes out on top?! Who is Macuga partnering with?! Why is Dagnino the worst?! WHY ARE WE YELLING?! THE ANSWE...ahem...the answers to all these questions and more on an all-new, ALL-SCHMOEDOWN podcast!

Episode 37 | Power Rangers

In which in the midst of a Twitch Power Rangers marathon binge, Dan and Alia get the urge to dive into the big budget reboot of the rainbow-clad, Mighty Morphinomenal 90s treasure.  Did this update hurricane-kick its way into our hearts?  Or did we leave feeling (Rita) repulsed? Exactly how awesome is it to see the Megazord do a German Suplex?  All the answers to these questions and more on Episode 37 of Nerd Build!