Episode 52 | Shameful Holes: Summer Movie Catch-up

In which Dan and Alia fill some (not so) shameful holes by quickly watching a few new release summer flicks.  We answer all of your need-to-know questions: does anyone have a more punchable face than Dane DeHaan? Can Charlize go toe to toe with Bond? Does the Dark Tower mark a bitter end to the Macaughnaissance? Find out in our discussion of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Atomic Blonde, and The Dark Tower!

Episode 49 | Spider-Man: Homecoming

In which Dan and Alia spoil every last inch of Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Where does this first MCU entry in the Spider-Man series land in the long and storied history of Spider-Man flicks? Does it out-dance emo Peter from Spider-Man 3? Out-Rhino Paul Giamatti? Do we talk way too long about Tony Stark's motivations?  The answers to these questions lie within, True Believers! (The answers are yes, yes, and yes).

Episode 45 | Wonder Woman

In which Alia and Dan are joined by their nerdy friends, Robert and Vanessa, of Late to the Party! We spend almost two whole hours talking all about the newest entry in the DCEU, Wonder Woman.  We gab about Gal, parley about Patty, and pine for Pine!  In true Nerd Build fashion, we spoil all of it, but check out Late to the Party's Non-Spoiler review on their YouTube channel:

Episode 42 | Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2

In which Alia and Dan chat about the newest addition to the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2! We dish on Drax, "marvel" at the technology of de-aging, gently weep about a trash panda, and distill humans into their two most fundamental categories: Guardians fans and Doctor Strange fans.

Episode 41 | Shameful Holes: Moana, La La Land, and Split

In which Alia and Dan fill in some shameful gaps in their pop culture experience by watching a trio of movies from the last year, including Moana, La La Land, and Split.  How did the Nerd Build crew enjoy this triumphant triumvirate?  Did Moana leave us wanting More-na?  Were we divided on Split?  Is La La Land super over-rated? Yes.  Yes, it is.  ALL THIS AND MORE: On Nerd Build, Episode 41!

Episode 39 | The Fate Of The Furious

In which Alia and Dan ride or die.  Or talk all about the newest entry in the long-running Fast and Furious franchise.  One of those.  On this spoiler-filled episode of Nerd Build, we discuss the action-packed Fate of the Furious and the sprawling journey of the Furious story, our hopes for the future of the series, and who would win in a fight between The Rock and a Harrier Jet.  Hint: it's The Rock.  All this, and more, on Episode 39 of Nerd Build!

Episode 37 | Power Rangers

In which in the midst of a Twitch Power Rangers marathon binge, Dan and Alia get the urge to dive into the big budget reboot of the rainbow-clad, Mighty Morphinomenal 90s treasure.  Did this update hurricane-kick its way into our hearts?  Or did we leave feeling (Rita) repulsed? Exactly how awesome is it to see the Megazord do a German Suplex?  All the answers to these questions and more on Episode 37 of Nerd Build!

Episode 23 | 31 Days Of Halloween: Week Four

In which we talk a little about our first ever Extra Life stream, and about what movies we watched during the last week of our 31 Days Of Halloween adventure. Crimson Peak, The Wolfman, It Follows, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, The American Scream, The Order: 1886 (okay yes, this is technically a video game), Sleepy Hollow, and the greatest Halloween movie ever: Trick r Treat! 

Happy Halloween!

Episode 19 | Nifty Listies: Favorite Movie Scenes, Part Two

In which we reveal part two of our favorite movie scenes.

At last! The highly anticipated (or at least a couple people maybe listened to Part One, and may also listen to this second part, if they have time) second half of our Nifty Listies episode about our five favorite movie scenes!

Episode 18 | Nifty Listies: Favorite Movie Scenes, Part One

In which we do a second episode in a segment we like to call Nifty Listies! (Our first list episode wasn't actually labeled that because we just came up with the name in this episode.) Joining us this time was Cameron (a list episode veteran), and for the first time, our friend Adam also took part. 

Listen along as we regale you with our top five favorite movies scenes (or in my case, five that I could remember and know that I like). Even though we only picked five scenes each, this was still a long episode because there were four of us. So we will be posting Part One of this episode now, and Part Two next weekend!

Episode 15 | A Movie A Year

In which our friend Cameron joins us again to talk about which movie was our favorite for every year we've been alive, from 1985 until the present. It is important to note that we do not mean what we thought was the "best" movie from each year, but which were our "favorites." Some of our choices matched up, and some were very different, but it sparked a lot of conversation so this is definitely one of our longer episodes!

This was really fun to do and if you decide to make your own list, we would love to hear your picks to see how they compare to ours. So feel free to leave your list in the comments!