Harry Potter

Episode 11 | Universal Studios, HopCon, and Comic-Con 2016

In which we talk about a lot of the things we did on our San Diego Comic-Con trip this year, including going to Universal Studios, HopCon, w00tstock, the live Nerdist podcasts, and Comic-Con itself. We have a whole second episode that is just dedicated to our Saturday in Hall H, so check that out as well!

Episode 10 | Triple Double Crunch-cast

In which we eat Taco Bell, and other things.

Yes, the title of this episode might be based on the newest menu offering at Taco Bell (which we mention), but this podcast is about so much more! The main focus is the video game Gone Home, but we also talk about The Guild, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and the other bits and pieces we have been up to lately.