video games

Episode 59 | Thor: Ragnarok, Mario, Happy Death Day, and more!

In which we talk about what we have been up to lately, including having a great time watching Thor: Ragnarok and Happy Death Day, Dan playing the new Mario game, and the disappointment that is Blair Witch. 

Episode 57 | Burnt Ends 3: Burnter Ends

In which Alia and Dan are joined by their friend Adam to discuss all sorts of bits that didn't fit into another podcast, including: Is IT scarier than a saucepan (no)? Will JJ mess up episode IX (no)? Is The Hateful Eight the greatest Tarantino film (no)? And will Alia die of a Tuberculosis mid-episode (potentially yes)? The much, much longer answers to these questions on Episode 57 of NERD BUILD (caps for emphasis)!

Episode 27 | A Final Fantasy Podcast For Fans And First-Timers

In which we explore grand, nerdy topic -- Final Fantasy -- in the original "Nerd Build" style: Alia's got fresh eyes for Chocobos and Dan's got the outlook of a jaded, wily veteran who has seen his share of spiky, gravity-defying haircuts.  We delve into the newest (and oft delayed) entry in the beloved franchise, Final Fantasy XV, and give our early impressions.  

Episode 23 | 31 Days Of Halloween: Week Four

In which we talk a little about our first ever Extra Life stream, and about what movies we watched during the last week of our 31 Days Of Halloween adventure. Crimson Peak, The Wolfman, It Follows, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, The American Scream, The Order: 1886 (okay yes, this is technically a video game), Sleepy Hollow, and the greatest Halloween movie ever: Trick r Treat! 

Happy Halloween!

Episode 10 | Triple Double Crunch-cast

In which we eat Taco Bell, and other things.

Yes, the title of this episode might be based on the newest menu offering at Taco Bell (which we mention), but this podcast is about so much more! The main focus is the video game Gone Home, but we also talk about The Guild, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and the other bits and pieces we have been up to lately. 

Episode 09 | Pokemon GO (in the field)

In which we talk everything Pokemon GO.

This episode is all about Pokemon GO, recorded in the field, while hunting Pokemon! Due to the "in the field aspect" the audio isn't the most consistent, and there are a few pauses while we get distracted catching Pokemon, but we hope you will overlook those things and come along on this adventure with us!