Episode 59 | Thor: Ragnarok, Mario, Happy Death Day, and more!

In which we talk about what we have been up to lately, including having a great time watching Thor: Ragnarok and Happy Death Day, Dan playing the new Mario game, and the disappointment that is Blair Witch. 

Episode 57 | Burnt Ends 3: Burnter Ends

In which Alia and Dan are joined by their friend Adam to discuss all sorts of bits that didn't fit into another podcast, including: Is IT scarier than a saucepan (no)? Will JJ mess up episode IX (no)? Is The Hateful Eight the greatest Tarantino film (no)? And will Alia die of a Tuberculosis mid-episode (potentially yes)? The much, much longer answers to these questions on Episode 57 of NERD BUILD (caps for emphasis)!

Episode 55 | Nifty Listies: A TV Show A Year - Part One

In which we continue our birthday tradition with a sequel to last year's "A Movie A Year" episode. This time around it's TV shows and we list our favorite debuting show from every year we have been alive (with lots of honorable mentions). Join in by making your own list, and stay tuned for Part Two coming next week!

Episode 54 | Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament 2017

In which the Nerd Build crew discusses the bracket for the upcoming Movie Trivia Schmoedown Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament! Who comes out on top?! Who is Macuga partnering with?! Why is Dagnino the worst?! WHY ARE WE YELLING?! THE ANSWE...ahem...the answers to all these questions and more on an all-new, ALL-SCHMOEDOWN podcast!

Episode 53 | DuckTales

In which Dan and Alia con-DUCK-t a spec-QUACK-ular discussion of the BEAKs and valleys of the new DuckTales reboot! Hear us harp on about all things Duckberg, the absolute incomprehensible dialogue of Donald, all alongside a long diversion into what makes an effective reboot. Just try not to get DuckTales stuck in your head now...WhooOO!

Episode 51 | San Diego Comic-Con 2017

In which Dan and Alia discuss their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con! Listen as the crew discusses the sights, sounds, and celebs that flock to San Diego's historic downtown for a few days every July.  And, of course, they discuss their visit to the epic Saturday panels in the legendary and infamous Hall H: which footage stole the show? How many hours did the Hall H line steal from our young lives? Which Hiddleston stole our hearts (it was Tom).  ALL THIS and MORE on Nerd Build 51!

Episode 45 | Wonder Woman

In which Alia and Dan are joined by their nerdy friends, Robert and Vanessa, of Late to the Party! We spend almost two whole hours talking all about the newest entry in the DCEU, Wonder Woman.  We gab about Gal, parley about Patty, and pine for Pine!  In true Nerd Build fashion, we spoil all of it, but check out Late to the Party's Non-Spoiler review on their YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/HWuGaPkvyFo

Episode 42 | Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2

In which Alia and Dan chat about the newest addition to the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2! We dish on Drax, "marvel" at the technology of de-aging, gently weep about a trash panda, and distill humans into their two most fundamental categories: Guardians fans and Doctor Strange fans.

Episode 39 | The Fate Of The Furious

In which Alia and Dan ride or die.  Or talk all about the newest entry in the long-running Fast and Furious franchise.  One of those.  On this spoiler-filled episode of Nerd Build, we discuss the action-packed Fate of the Furious and the sprawling journey of the Furious story, our hopes for the future of the series, and who would win in a fight between The Rock and a Harrier Jet.  Hint: it's The Rock.  All this, and more, on Episode 39 of Nerd Build!

Episode 17 | Godzilla (and All Things Kaiju)

In which we take a voyage through Godzilla and other giant creatures!  Come join us as we chat about Godzilla movies -- past, present, and future -- and what makes Kaiju so darn intriguing.

Also on the menu: Pacific Rim, The Host, Cloverfield, dinosaurs, Colossal, the Godzilla/Kong cinematic universe, and much, much more.

Episode 16 | Dan and Alia's Anime Corner: Volume One

In which we delve into a genre with which we have very little experience: Anime! As a regular segment we are going to watch a few episodes of different anime shows and talk about them. Up this time are One Punch Man, Fruits Basket, and Cowboy Bebop. At the end we also touch on what other things we have been up to lately.

Have a particular anime you would like us to watch? Let us know!

Episode 14 | Suicide Squad

In which we have our first guest! Our super awesome friend Cameron stops by to chat a bit more about Batman v Superman, and a lot about Suicide Squad. There are some spoilers, so be sure to go see the movie! Cameron is also half of the rad band Ryanhood, which you can check out here: http://www.ryanhood.com, and if you want to see the specific video he mentions in the podcast, head here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpPz10nb_xI

Episode 12 | The Legendary Hall H at SDCC 2016

In which we talk about our experiences in Hall H this year, including waiting in line for a million hours, and all the panels: Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, King Arthur, Kong Skull Island, Lego Batman, Star Trek 50th Anniversary, Aliens 30th Anniversary, Women Who Kick Ass, Spiderman Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and the reveal of Captain Marvel!

Episode 11 | Universal Studios, HopCon, and Comic-Con 2016

In which we talk about a lot of the things we did on our San Diego Comic-Con trip this year, including going to Universal Studios, HopCon, w00tstock, the live Nerdist podcasts, and Comic-Con itself. We have a whole second episode that is just dedicated to our Saturday in Hall H, so check that out as well!

Episode 09 | Pokemon GO (in the field)

In which we talk everything Pokemon GO.

This episode is all about Pokemon GO, recorded in the field, while hunting Pokemon! Due to the "in the field aspect" the audio isn't the most consistent, and there are a few pauses while we get distracted catching Pokemon, but we hope you will overlook those things and come along on this adventure with us!

Episode 08 | Roadcast!

In which we discuss what we have been watching/playing/ experiencing lately.

We recorded this in the car on our way home from a beer trip to LA area. It is car-quality as one might be expect, but we were mostly doing it to test a new recording app to use at Comic-Con in a couple of weeks. So this isn't really an "official" podcast, but we figured we would post it anyway since we do talk about what new things we have been doing lately (TV, books, etc.), and of course, beer!