Episode 59 | Thor: Ragnarok, Mario, Happy Death Day, and more!

In which we talk about what we have been up to lately, including having a great time watching Thor: Ragnarok and Happy Death Day, Dan playing the new Mario game, and the disappointment that is Blair Witch. 

Episode 58 | Scream-O-Rama At The Loft Cinema

In which we talk about our first experience at The Loft Cinema's ALL NITE SCREAM-O-RAMA, an overnight scary movie slumber party! We chat about a wide array of horror, including: The Exorcist, The Evil Dead, Don't Breathe, Ginger Snaps, Near Dark, Tales from the Hood, Shivers, and Green Room.  

Episode 54 | Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament 2017

In which the Nerd Build crew discusses the bracket for the upcoming Movie Trivia Schmoedown Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament! Who comes out on top?! Who is Macuga partnering with?! Why is Dagnino the worst?! WHY ARE WE YELLING?! THE ANSWE...ahem...the answers to all these questions and more on an all-new, ALL-SCHMOEDOWN podcast!

Episode 52 | Shameful Holes: Summer Movie Catch-up

In which Dan and Alia fill some (not so) shameful holes by quickly watching a few new release summer flicks.  We answer all of your need-to-know questions: does anyone have a more punchable face than Dane DeHaan? Can Charlize go toe to toe with Bond? Does the Dark Tower mark a bitter end to the Macaughnaissance? Find out in our discussion of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Atomic Blonde, and The Dark Tower!

Episode 51 | San Diego Comic-Con 2017

In which Dan and Alia discuss their annual pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con! Listen as the crew discusses the sights, sounds, and celebs that flock to San Diego's historic downtown for a few days every July.  And, of course, they discuss their visit to the epic Saturday panels in the legendary and infamous Hall H: which footage stole the show? How many hours did the Hall H line steal from our young lives? Which Hiddleston stole our hearts (it was Tom).  ALL THIS and MORE on Nerd Build 51!

Episode 49 | Spider-Man: Homecoming

In which Dan and Alia spoil every last inch of Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Where does this first MCU entry in the Spider-Man series land in the long and storied history of Spider-Man flicks? Does it out-dance emo Peter from Spider-Man 3? Out-Rhino Paul Giamatti? Do we talk way too long about Tony Stark's motivations?  The answers to these questions lie within, True Believers! (The answers are yes, yes, and yes).

Episode 45 | Wonder Woman

In which Alia and Dan are joined by their nerdy friends, Robert and Vanessa, of Late to the Party! We spend almost two whole hours talking all about the newest entry in the DCEU, Wonder Woman.  We gab about Gal, parley about Patty, and pine for Pine!  In true Nerd Build fashion, we spoil all of it, but check out Late to the Party's Non-Spoiler review on their YouTube channel:

Episode 42 | Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2

In which Alia and Dan chat about the newest addition to the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2! We dish on Drax, "marvel" at the technology of de-aging, gently weep about a trash panda, and distill humans into their two most fundamental categories: Guardians fans and Doctor Strange fans.

Episode 41 | Shameful Holes: Moana, La La Land, and Split

In which Alia and Dan fill in some shameful gaps in their pop culture experience by watching a trio of movies from the last year, including Moana, La La Land, and Split.  How did the Nerd Build crew enjoy this triumphant triumvirate?  Did Moana leave us wanting More-na?  Were we divided on Split?  Is La La Land super over-rated? Yes.  Yes, it is.  ALL THIS AND MORE: On Nerd Build, Episode 41!

Episode 39 | The Fate Of The Furious

In which Alia and Dan ride or die.  Or talk all about the newest entry in the long-running Fast and Furious franchise.  One of those.  On this spoiler-filled episode of Nerd Build, we discuss the action-packed Fate of the Furious and the sprawling journey of the Furious story, our hopes for the future of the series, and who would win in a fight between The Rock and a Harrier Jet.  Hint: it's The Rock.  All this, and more, on Episode 39 of Nerd Build!

Episode 37 | Power Rangers

In which in the midst of a Twitch Power Rangers marathon binge, Dan and Alia get the urge to dive into the big budget reboot of the rainbow-clad, Mighty Morphinomenal 90s treasure.  Did this update hurricane-kick its way into our hearts?  Or did we leave feeling (Rita) repulsed? Exactly how awesome is it to see the Megazord do a German Suplex?  All the answers to these questions and more on Episode 37 of Nerd Build!

Episode 36 | Beauty and the Beast

In which our friends Adam and Cameron join us to discuss the latest in Disney's lineup of live action remakes, Beauty and the Beast.  Does this big budget retelling stand on its own merits or did our rose-tinted goggles make us nostalgia-drunk?  Will we continue to use antlers in all of our decorating? Does Emma Watson sound like T-Pain? All this, and more, on Nerd Build #36!

Episode 31 | The Lego Batman Movie

In which, after a three week break where we were sick and out of town a lot, we are back! Today we had free preview screening tickets to The Lego Batman Movie and are here to tell you about how much fun it was, and how you should go see it. But, you know, it takes like an hour for us to say all of that....

Episode 30 | Burnt Ends

In which we talk about all the bits and pieces of what we have been up to lately. Topics include movies we have been watching, books we have been reading, upcoming cosplays Alia is planning, and of course, wrestling! And don't worry the wrestling part is at the end in case you want to tune out.  Sometimes it's nice to do a non-themed episode and just chat. What have you been into lately? We would love to hear about it!

(Delicious actual burnt ends not included.)

Episode 27 | A Final Fantasy Podcast For Fans And First-Timers

In which we explore grand, nerdy topic -- Final Fantasy -- in the original "Nerd Build" style: Alia's got fresh eyes for Chocobos and Dan's got the outlook of a jaded, wily veteran who has seen his share of spiky, gravity-defying haircuts.  We delve into the newest (and oft delayed) entry in the beloved franchise, Final Fantasy XV, and give our early impressions.