Episode 01 | Wrestlemania! Part One

This is the first part, of the first episode, of our podcast! In which we talk about our new and differing experiences watching Wrestlemania. We didn't realize going in that GarageBand only records about an hour and then cuts off, so even though there is an abrupt ending never fear! We get it together an continue recording in Part Two. 

We just wanted to get it started and get it out there, so this might be a bit unusual of a first podcast to post, but we welcome any feedback for podcasts going forward. "Alia, you seem too far from the mic, I can't hear all your brilliant words of wisdom," "Dan, please talk MORE about wrestling, we just can't get enough," these are examples of welcomed feedback. "You suck and I hate you," is something you may also write if you think we suck and you hate us. However, we would prefer it if your feedback was constructive and not crafted specifically to make us cry.

We hope you enjoy!